Hospital Heath Care Assistant Jobs

As a health care assistant in the hospital environment you will be supporting and helping with the day to day care. You will be working under a qualified professional such as a doctor or a midwife. This will help with personal development working with such individuals.

Health Care Jobs

JJ Connect Care only hire the best candidates who have went through a screening process to show that they are right for the job. Our assistant nurses working in hospitals can be expected to:

  • Wash and help dress the patients
  • Help the patients to and from the toilet
  • Serve meals accordingly
  • Help to feed patients who require assistance
  • Change bedding
  • Help mobilising patients
Comforting patients talking to them and making sure they are ok

Monitor patients: This could be taking temperatures, weighting, pulse and respirations
Employers often like to see you have had some sort of experience in the care industry. This can come from precious work experience or volunteering. Some of the skills and characteristics we are looking for in our health care assistants is:

  • Friendly and Cheerful
  • Hands on with patients
  • Kind and Caring
  • Personal care tasks – Toileting,Washing, etc..
  • Work effectively as part of a team and on your own
  • Understand care procedures

That is on a care side of things we also look for our candidates to have excellent communication skills. We expect you to also have good organisation and observation skills.