Health Care Assistant Jobs

As a Health Care Assistant, you will find yourself supporting a qualified healthcare professional. Helping them with the day to day care of patients. This may be in hospitals, care homes or their own houses. The role varies depending on the area in which you are looking to be employed. If you thrive off providing excellent care and having a positive impact on patient’s life JJ Connect Care wants to help you.
We recruit on a regular basis and any potential candidates that are interested in temporary, contract or permanent employment as a health care assistant should contact us. Please complete the forms that can be found on our Healthcare Recruitment page.

Care Assistant Recruitment Watford

All of the applicants must meet strict recruitment criteria. We only aim to hire the most professional and compassionate staff. As a company, we pride ourselves on the quality of care we give patients. We aim to have a positive impact on their lives. At the same time making family members easier. The way we guarantee that is by hand picking the best candidates.

Experience in the healthcare industry is always preferred but not essential. If you are qualified and believe you meet the criteria required to be a healthcare assistant with us. Then we would love to hear from you as well. Experience does not always have to come from previously employment. It can also be any volunteering you may have done. On our application form just make sure you are letting us know all the details about the work you have been carrying out previously.

JJ Connect Care Ltd are based in Watford but provide health care professionals to hospitals, care homes and patients homes. We provide this throughout the whole of the United Kingdom. If you have any questions regarding a position with us here please do not hesitate to contact us . You can do this by phone on 01923 233277 or by email at